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Every car owner has to put up with some dire times every now and then. Things like flat tires, dead batteries, etc. are the kind that can leave you high and dry. While advancements in technology have more or less cured some plaguing issues for car owners, no one wants to see their car in a bad shape. We went around, talked to a few people and asked them about the things they would want in their vehicles at all times. We came up with a list which is not exhaustive but covers almost all of your needs. Read on to find out:

1. Car cover

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Owning a car in India is an experience like no other. If you do not own a garage, chances are you would spend a lot of morning doing nothing but ensuring your car is clean as the one who is paid to do so has not showed up (that guy also is a recipient of a lot of curses). However, very few of us actually bother with keeping our cars protected from dust, dirt, Mother Nature (diarrhea-struck birds, caterpillars taking a walk, ants out on a trek, etc.). In such a case, if your car could be covered, all you would have to do every morning is take the cover off, sit in the car and drive off. So why don’t you go buy a cover for your car right now by clicking here.

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2. Cleaning cloth

A problem with keeping a car cover is that using it when you have parked your car at the office would make you feel like a fool (try it if you disagree with us). IN such a case, a cleaning cloth is the kind of accessory that would come to your rescue as cars get dirty standing in parking lots too. By using a cleaning cloth, you would be able to wipe off the dirt, dust, etc. from your car and would not need to put up with a car that is not as clean as it was when you drove it from your home to office. Now, you cannot use any cloth as a cleaning cloth for your car as it might damage your car’s paint too. Click here to shop for a nice cleaning cloth for your car that is also easy on your car’s paint.

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3. Seats cover and floor mats

After covering the car on the outside, we move to the inside which is where you will be spending the most of your time with your car. Nowadays, many cars come with seat covers and floor mats as features covered by variants or accessories offered by dealers as essentials. However, most of the times, these accessories do not cover your needs the way you want them to. Case in point for things like seat covers and floor mats. You do not want to soil your car’s factory seat covers as they will help you fetch a good price on resale market. Similarly, you do not wish to spoil the car’s floor and hence, need good quality floor mats. You can look for seat covers for your car here and floor mats here .

4. Air freshener

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Maintaining a car is tiresome experience. Keeping it mechanically sound and clean inside-out requires a lot of effort. However, no matter how clean your car is on the inside, you would not want to sit in a place that does not smell nice. No! No! We are not judging your cleaning skills. What we are saying is not to take a chance after you have done all that effort to keep your car in top shape. Invest in a nice air freshener to ensure you feel nice when you take your car for a spin. If your smells nice, driving your car around will not feel like chore. So why don’t you start looking for an air freshener for your car here.

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5. Puncture repair kit

An important part of your car is the set of tyres it runs on. These tyres help your car in putting down the power you ask it, help it to stop in time and help you to stay safe when you drive around in inclement weather conditions. So, ignoring your car’s tyres is not something you can afford to do. But sometimes, you do not get to know till late that your car’s tyres had been suffering until you park your car for some time. When you come back, you realise one of the tyres of your car have gone flat and now, since you cannot drive your car in that state, you are left stranded. Well, not anymore. With the mass availability of tubeless tyres on almost all cars, puncture repair kits have also become widespread and can help you in getting out of the fix called a flat tyre. You can still use a spare wheel but those trips to the local puncture repair guy is what you will be able to avoid. Here’s where you can shop for puncture repair kits.

6. Tire inflator and pressure gauge

If you have made up your mind about getting a puncture repair kit for your car, why not also invest in getting a tyre pressure gauge and tyre inflator too. Hear us out – if your car suffers a flat tyre and you have fixed it, it still cannot take your car anywhere on a deflated tyre. Having a tyre inflator and pressure gauge can help you inflating your car’s deflated tyre on the go and up to optimum levels. Plus, your car’s tyres will be able to live through their service life, if you take proper care of them. Choose from a range of tyre pressure gauges here and tyre pressure inflator here.

7. GPS navigators

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It is not an everyday occurrence that you find yourself lost trying to find a location. But not everybody is the same and a lot of us admit to being unable to remember the ways around. A GPS navigator is more than just a luxury item for them. With smartphones’ computing power pushing through the roof and their batteries not being able to keep up, by the time you are done with your office, your phone gives up on you or is always on the verge of doing so. If you have to visit an unknown place then, you would not be able to use your phone’s navigation facility. Also, since there is no unlimited mobile internet packs available with telecom companies in India, using Google Maps, etc. on the phone can turn out to be a costly affair. It is at times like these that you wish to have a GPS navigator in your car. Unlike your phone, which might lose its connectivity too, the GPS navigator connects with satellites directly and stays connected at all times. That is what makes them effective and indispensable. So, keeping that in mind, why don’t you go ahead and invest in one of them here?

8. Comprehensive tool kit

It is one thing to not know what is wrong with your car and hence, unable to fix it. It is quite different from the part that you do not care what goes wrong with your car and bother about getting it fixed. While none of us feels like belonging to the second category, we all would prefer to tighten up that loose screw or bolt to ensure a part/panel does not rattle. However, we may not have the necessary tools at our disposal and what we may have at our homes or in our car’s tool kit may be inadequate to deal with the situation. Investing in a tool kit has its own advantages as it will help you deal with occasional loose nuts and bolts and the same tools can also be for repair works inside your house. Do not take this issue lightly and invest in one of the toolkits shown here.

9. Parking sensors/camera

With parking spaces becoming more and more crowded, it is becoming an even bigger challenge for all of us to park out cars safely in parking lots. Parking sensors and cameras have been able to save us from a lot of mess, not to forget bumped cars and repair bills. Some cars come fitted with parking sensors and some with parking cameras right off the factory, but we feel such features should not be enjoyed by certain car users only. Hence, we have brought a range of parking sensors and cameras for you to choose from and get fitted on your car to have some peace of mind when you have to park or take your car out of a tight spot next time around here.

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10. Jumper cable

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We have become used to standing and waiting at red lights, especially so in peak hours. At such times, many of us prefer to turn off our car’s engines. But shutting down of car’s engine is not followed by shutting down of car’s accessories too, leading to unnecessary drain of your car’s battery. If you are unlucky, your car may also refuse to fire up. Now that is one time you would not want to face ever. This is one of those times when having a pair of jumper cables can help you in getting out of a fix right away. People may refuse to help you by towing your car, but not if the fix is so simple as drawing a bit power from their car’s battery. With more cars being sold with automatic transmissions, it becomes even more important to have a jumper cable onboard, just in case a situation arises in which you need them. So, do not wait to be struck by lightning or times when you need jumper cables and instead prepare for such times by buying one fromhere .


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